How to use the Halifax Heritage Seed Library

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Here’s how to use the HHSL!

For the Bayers Westwood Family Resource Centre:

For borrowing seeds:

  • ask about the seed library, and where it is located!
  • from there, you can look through the library cabinet and select whichever seeds you require for the season
    • there is no strict limit on how many packages of seed you may borrow, but be aware that the seed library is a shared public resource so take only what you truly need/what you will use
  • once you’ve got your seeds, please fill out a seed activity sheet requiring the date, your name  and email (telephone and address optional), the type of seed(s) you are borrowing, and the amount of packages of the seed(s) you are borrowing
  • we strongly encourage that each seed borrower return a portion of seeds from their borrowed plants once they become harvest-able
    • if you are new to seed saving, start with easy to save varieties like tomatoes, lettuce, beans and peas (there is a free basic seed-saving booklet available at the library cabinet, and here)

For returning seeds

  • follow the same guidelines for donating seeds
  • take your labelled seeds to the HHSL cabinet, and fill out a seed activity sheet to confirm your name and contact information, the date, and what seed(s) you’re returning
  • afterwards, you can package and label the seeds with the small bags and labels that are supplied with the library – and then sort them alphabetically in the library cabinet
  • What if I’m unable to return viable seed?


At the current time, the Bayers Westwood Family Resource Centre is the only official physical location of the HHSL – but another location (at the Dartmouth North Public Library) is scheduled to open mid-May of 2015!


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