Guidelines for Donating Seed to the HHSL

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If you are interested in donating seeds to the HHSL, first of all – thank you very much!

You can donate seeds either by visiting one of our physical locations, or by contacting us directly.

We accept any and all kind of seeds, but to ensure that donated seeds are safe and viable for our collection, we ask that you reference these following guidelines before donating:

1. Make sure your seeds are non-hybridized and non-genetically modified.

2. Make sure that the seeds’ harvest year is no older than five years.

3. Make sure that there are no biocides on the seeds you donate (biocides include fungicides, pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, etc.).

4. Please donate your seeds with their variety/common name, taxonomic binomial name (e.g. Taraxacum officinale), harvest year, and the source of the harvested seed. (Note: you can be as specific as you want about the source of the seed, but only the town/province of the harvested seed is necessary).

5. If you can, please run a germination test to make sure germination rate is at least 70% (here’s how!)

6. Please make sure that you do not donate any seeds of “invasive” plants, or plants that do not “play nice” with others (full explanation here). (For simplicities sake, the current list of plants that we consider “negatively invasive” are: purple loostrife, norway maple, tree of heaven, garlic mustard, scentless chamomile, privet, paper lantern, coltsfoot, kudzu, Japanese knotweed, creeping jenny, and Bishop’s goutweed)

As a final note of clarification, it is not necessary to donate seeds in order to borrow seeds form the HHSL, you can borrow seeds from the library even if, and especially if, you don’t have any seeds at all!


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